Matchbox, Hot Wheels & Barbie Photo Archives Are Now Life!

Matchbox, Hot Wheels & Barbie Photo Archives Are Now Life!

Over here on Jurassic Report we’ve been hard at work filling out our Photo Archives & Checklists for the community to use. We thank you for all your patience and we hope these help you with building your collection! 

With loads of awesome vehicles Matchbox has created, it’s hard to narrow it down to a handful of favorite items. After much debate, below are a few key items we love having in our collection!

The ‘93 Jeep Wrangler #9 is not seen on screen, but we love the idea of mixing the old Jurassic Park with the new Jurassic World!

The Harbor Rescue playset is also super unique with the ability to fold it up and carry it away. Also, we can’t forget the Tyrannosaurus Rex action feature!

Lastly, we love the battle damage line, and we especially love the Deep-Dive Submarine that comes in the Island Transport Team 5-Pack.

Hot Wheels has themed a set of cars per each Dinosaur, and we have to say the Stegosaurus is by far our favorite!

From Barbie, so far they’ve only produced two dolls for the Jurassic World Line;Owen & Claire. Both are under Barbie’s Signature line and both are amazing additions to the Barbie brand.

With loads of new Jurassic products flooding into our collections, it’s super hard to pick out favorites, that said what are some of your favorite Matchbox, Hot Wheels or Barbie items in your collection?

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