Mattel Photo Archives Now Live!

Mattel Photo Archives Now Live!

After a lot of organizing, combing through data and gathering high resolution photos, the complete Mattel database is now complete! Every item created under the Mattel branding for Jurassic World has been documented and organized. We have broken this down by each line, and then by their assortments. We thank you for all your patience and we hope these help you with building your collection!

With Mattel having added so many collectables to the Jurassic franchise in such little time, it was super hard to narrow it down to a handful of favorite items. After  much debate, below are a few key items we love having in our collection!

From the Jurassic World Amber Collection, the Velociraptor Charlie is a beautiful figure to add to your collection! We especially love the Tactical Head Gear accessory that comes with this dinosaur. 

The new Savage Strike series from the Jurassic World line have some of our favorite figures. For example, the new Sauropelta and the Savage Strike version of Velociraptor Blue are great sculpts of these dinosaurs. We personally love the new Savage Strike Velociraptor sculpt, it looks great as Velociraptor Blue, Velociraptor Charlie and Velociraptor Delta. We just hope in the future Mattel also makes a version of Echo using this sculpt too! 

As for the humans, we love the Maisie & Tyrannosaurus Rex figure from the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom line. We love the paint application on Maisie’s shirt and the addition of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull. 

Since  we are talking about the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom line, we have to mention the best playlet, Lava Surge Play Set. We love this playset, from the slime play feature, to the inclusion of a Baryonyx with lava on it’s nose. It is a prize item for anyone’s collection.

Lastly, we couldn’t end this post without mentioning the new Super Colossal Scale Dino Rivals Velociraptor Blue. This huge Dino Rivals Velociraptor Blue is a great addition to the Super Colossal Scale, and we can’t wait until the Super Colossal Scale Indominus Rex comes in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

With loads of new Jurassic products flooding into our collections, it’s super hard to pick out favorites. That said, what are some of your favorite Mattel items in your collection?

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