Make Money

We are actively looking for Jurassic Park / Jurassic World collectors to allow us to take studio photos of your collection. Our goal is to have a complete archive of Jurassic Park / Jurassic World collectables and we can only do this with your help! In return, we will pay you for your time.

We are actively looking for complete collections of early Kenner and Hasbro collectables. Please note, we prefer a collection that has a mint in box (MIB) plus a loose version of each item.

How This Works

Step 1

Simply use the contact form below to provide an itemized list of the loose and mint in box (MIB) Jurassic Park / Jurassic World collectables you own. If you own multiple of the same item, please note the number of said items you own and if they are mint in box (MIB) or loose.

Step 2

We will review your submission and if you own items we need to take photos of we will reach out to you with a contract for a photography session. This contract includes: Estimate photography session timeline, insurance policy (in case any items are damaged), waiver for us to use the photos, and the amount we will pay you.

Step 3

Once a contract is agreed upon, we will pay 50% of the amount up front and will arrange a meeting place of your choosing (we will come to you, don’t worry about having to transport your collectables).

Step 4

We set up at your meeting place and a photography session will take place. This can take a few days, it all depends on how large your collection is. You are completely welcome to hang out and help us with your collection. We will be working with you the whole time, and want to make sure you are completely comfortable while we are there.

Step 5

We pack up, and you get paid the remaining 50%. Within a few days you will see your collectables on Jurassic Report and on our social media outlets!