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Love the site. Been wanting to do something similar for years.


I suggest - as you post things - you also add everything into a document that you can release as a pdf for print/book at some point. There is a need for a good checklist (with everything released) with nice high quality pictures.

Oh, and my biggest wish is for the site to expand into merchandise territory as well. There are so many different things connected to the original JP that needs to be shown.


Would love to help out somehow, but probably can't add anything of value - besides my wishes for the site 😀

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Great suggestions! 

I love the idea of a PDF/book for collectors! I know the Star Wars Vintage Collectors are releasing a nice book, and I hope we can do the same 🙂 

Only time will tell if we can to dive into documenting other JP Merchandise. For now, we are focusing on Action Figures, but definitely open to branching out at some point in the future.