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Gift Set | Research Lab Gift Set

Product Information
NameResearch Lab Gift Set
Action FeatureProjectile Launcher & Spinning Decontamination Chamber
Articulation CountAllosaurus: 5 Points
Dimetrodon: 0 Points
Compy: 1 Point
Dr. Wu: 5 Points
Dr. Grant: 5 Points
Accessory Count6
Accessory DetailsCatching Projectile, Gun, Hat-Backpack, Net Launcher, Net Projectile & Shovel
Release Date2018
Retail Price$49.99 USD
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Gift Set | Dinosaur Hauler Gift Set

Product Information
NameDinosaur Hauler Gift Set
Action FeatureLowering Ramp & Net Launcher
Articulation CountBlue: 5 Points
Compies: 1 Point
Stygimoloch: 4 Points
T. Rex: 4 Points
Asset Containment Unit: 5 Points
Accessory Count2
Accessory DetailsProjectile Launcher & Net Projectile
Release Date2018
Retail Price$49.99 USD
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