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Multipack | Pteranodon, Velociraptor Blue, Owen, Proceratosaurus & Dilophosaurus

Product Information
NamePteranodon, Velociraptor Blue, Owen, Proceratosaurus, Indoraptor & Dilophosaurus
SeriesDino Rivals
Articulation CountPteranodon: 5 Points
Velociraptor Blue: 7 Points
Owen: 12 Points
Proceratosaurus: 6 Points
Dilophosaurus: 8 Points
Indoraptor: 4 Points
Release Date2019
Retail Price$54.99 USD
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Battle Damage | Ultimate Baryonyx Breakout

Product Information
NameUltimate Baryonyx Breakout
SeriesBattle Damage
Articulation CountOwen: 10 Points
Baryonyx: 5 Points
Accessory Count11
Accessory DetailsMotorcycle, Mini Dimorphodon, Compsognathus [2], Safety Flare, Knife, Handheld Tablet, Helmet, Body Armor & Arm Bracers [2]
Release Date2019
Retail Price$19.99 USD
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